I have to tell you that I'm one of the biggest fans of Herman. I think he's great in all the things that he does. He's a very nice guy who can paint very well, and also his music is great.

His paintings are different from each other. He made one of our queen, but also one of a motorcycle. So all kinds of stuff. He's making it with graffiti or on the normal way (with brushes).

Herman is also a great musician. He makes bleus and rock&roll songs. All his cd's are worth an A+.

Herman used to like writing also. He made some funny books.

He also promotes his perfume, beer, wine, baby-stuff, etc.

History of Herman Brood:

Herman used to be a junk. Ones upon a time he said: "all you need is plastic teeth and a bucketful of speed". So what do I have to say more.

He used to be in contact with the police all the time. It was normal that this guy was always in jail when you needed him.

But after a while he met his wife. Her name was Xandra (who's already divorced him). In 1985 they get a girl together called: "Lolapop"

His manager is Koos van Dijk. He always was there when Herman started this job.

From 1967 he made his first lp. But now these days he still do. He made more than 40 cd's till now.

While he is painting some nice stuff he's colour-blind. But you can't see it, when you look at his paintings, because they are great. 

Well, I've got one thing to say: Nobody is as great as Herman Brood.

If you want to buy stuff, or look at it, you can go to the

This is Herman Brood.

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